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Let's tune up your electric, bass, acoustic guitar, and ukulele with a microphone-based online guitar tuner.

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Online Tuner For Your String Instruments

There are thousands of online tuners in the Internet world, which allow you to tune up your guitar by playing notes and listening carefully to the pitch. But what we’ve done (and here's the best part,) is a completely free online guitar tuner that allows you to tune up any guitar, no matter if it’s an acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, or ukulele.

After all, the instrument range you can tune-up with our online guitar tuner tool is endless. We didn’t set any limitations in our online guitar tuner so that any instrument making a sound on a certain note will be perfectly recognized the same way as the sound of a guitar. However, we’ve created the tool thinking about guitarists and for guitarists because it is made, actually, by guitarists.

How often have you been in the situations when you didn’t have a tuner in the rehearsal or right before the gig?

Now the only thing you need to do is to open our webpage on your phone and bring your phone to the guitar (if it's an electric or bass guitar, please put your phone close to the amp cabinet or your combo amplifier) to perfectly tune up your instrument.

How to Tune a Guitar?

To tune your guitar with our free online guitar tuner, please follow these five easy steps:

  1. Please open the web page in your favorite browser from your phone, pc, or laptop (your device needs to have a microphone)

  2. Grant our website with access to the microphone of your device. Usually, your browser will ask you for permission.

    Please note: we don’t record or keep anything transmitting by a microphone, sound processing takes place in your browser and we don’t have access to your data in any way.

  3. Pick the first string and make sure it is configured following the tuning you use.

  4. If numbers on the screen differ up or down, make the necessary adjustments by turning the tuning mechanism of the specified string.

    Tip: we recommend to loosen the string in the first place and then pull it to the desired value. If you pulled a little harder than necessary, don’t try to loosen it back - just loosen it more than necessary and do the other try to pull it accurately.

  5. Please repeat step #4 for every string. After finishing the whole tuning process, check every string one more time and make sure that the guitar is tuned up following the tuning you used.

All Variations Of Guitar Tunings

Our online guitar tuner will help you tune your guitar no matter what tuning you use. For us, there is no difference whether it is open tuning, drop tuning or you are a fan of the classical E A D G B E system: you just need to open our page and allow us to hear your guitar.

If you just found out that there are other tunings in addition to the standard one, we have prepared several articles that may interest you: what tunings are, how they differ, where they are used, and so on.